Saffron’s Story

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“Saffron has always had a love for horses, it runs in the family three generations now. Her Nanny still rides aged 70years 👏 and gave her first pair of riding boots when she was born 😃

Saffron had been wishing, wanting and hassling her mother for months to have a Country Lane photoshoot; ever since Christine made a kind donation to our Equestrian Club. Saffron was very disappointed she didn’t win the photoshoot prize in the raffle but was very happy for her friend Bree; albeit a tad jealous! 😇

Saffron had been diligently following all the fabulous photos on Facebook, dreaming of her own. 🌈

Hiding things from Saffron is difficult with her super sleuths mind but on Christmas morning when she opened a gold envelope that simply said Monday January 7th Saffron (for once) was speechless. She could not believe it and her eyes were misty as she hugged her mum and then danced around the room in excitement”

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