Does the photoshoot fee include any product?

The photoshoot covers the cost and time spent in travelling to and from location, approximately 4 hours spent with you at the location, stylizing and creating your very own shoot to suit your style and needs and a huge selection of gorgeous outfits to choose from. The photo shoot doesn’t include any product; photos are purchased separately.

Do I have to decide what package I would like and do I have to pay for that up front?

No, there is no need to decide what you’d like to purchase until after the photoshoot and then once you’ve seen all of your gorgeous photos at the ordering session.

What is required of me when I make a booking?

Once we have established a suitable photoshoot date, a session fee is required as soon as you make your booking. This is to secure your session date and to ensure no one else books that same date. As there are a lot of people enquiring about bookings, it is essential to book well in advance, the session fee is the best way to avoid disappointment. An invoice will be emailed to you straight away with the options on how to pay your session fee.

Once I’ve paid the session fee, what happens then?

We will then tee up a time to chat on the phone so we can discuss all the exciting bits and start planning for your most amazing photoshoot experience.

How does the photoshoot work?

I will be in touch with you over the coming weeks leading up to your shoot and will guide you each step of the way. If you have any questions I’m only a phone call or message away and will usually respond instantly. I come to your very own property and arrive 1.5 hours before the actual shoot takes place. This enables me to go over outfits with you and select ones that will match the occasion. I will also spend time outside to scout around and set up where we will take photos in the best spots available. The session usually lasts for 2 hours before sunset which gives us the best time of day for lighting. I will pose you as naturally and as flattering as possible with out telling you to smile lol. It’s all about you and your horse and the love you have for each other. I will generally be in the background and not in your face, so you won’t feel like you have a camera in your face.

What happens if my horse is being a pain in the butt?

Most horses find it hard to stand still in one spot for a period of time without becoming restless unless they are super chilled. This is normal and if your horse is misbehaving, we just give them a break and get you to walk them around for a bit. Patience and not allowing yourself to become stressed is key. Horses are big animals and it’s not always easy to get them to stand where we want them to. They just want to eat grass lol. Some horses are super chilled while others are super restless but I have yet to find a horse that cannot be photographed 

What happens if its raining or the weather is not looking good?

I always keep a good eye on the weather and keep in touch leading up to the shoot. I will confirm on the morning of the shoot if the weather is looking iffy. We will reschedule if the weather isn’t looking great.

What happens after the photoshoot?

I will show you my price list and some samples of what are in the packages. We then set a time for your photo reveal and ordering session. You will be invited to come to my home based studio where you will spend approximately 1-2 hours for this very exciting process.

How long does it take for me to see my photos?

Photos generally take around 2 weeks to edit into fine pieces of art which is when you will get to come and see them and place your order at my home based studio in the Byron Bay Hinterland. All your photos are placed into a beautiful slideshow set to music for you to enjoy.

Do I get to see a sneak peek of my photos?

Yes, for sure. I will post a sneak peek for you to enjoy on Facebook usually 1-2 days after the session and all I ask is that you ‘like’ ‘comment’ and ‘share’ from my Facebook page to help fb algorithms give your photo more reach.

How does the photo ordering process work?

My role is to make this session as easy and enjoyable as I can so that you will feel confident with your selection when you walk out the door.
At this session I will help you get the most value for your photos and will be able to assist and guide what will work best for your specific needs, style and budget.
This will be your opportune time to finalise your order. So please come prepared to either pay a 20% deposit on total sales amount or to make a full payment.
This can be paid with cash or direct debit. There is also the option to set up an interest free payment plan if you prefer which requires a 20% deposit.

How long does it take for me to get my photos once I’ve placed my order?

Once your order is finalised and paid for at the order session, I then spend some time going over each photo to make sure they are print ready and at their best. There maybe some minor tweaks and colour adjustments made, some cropping and resizing before they go to print. Once at the professional printing lab the photos will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks for them to be sent back to me. This will depend on the products ordered.

How do I receive my photos once you have received them?

It is always best wherever geographically possible that you come to collect them from my studio to avoid any damage in transit by a courier company.

Are there any payment plan options?

Yes definitely! PayRight, Australia owned an operated third party agency offers interest-free affordable payment plans which is the agency of choice and is a quick 5-minute application and set up by me at your ordering session. This method allows you to have your products straight away. The other option is a layby plan over two months which when paid in full, is when you will receive all your photos.

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