Cherie and Lukes Photo Session

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“Meet Milly & Lani… Their love for horses grew even more once they started spending time out here on the farm. At first they learned to handle Frodo because he was small and a bit easier to boss around. He is retired now, but he was like a life size toy for them to brush, cuddle and feed snacks to.

Soon they were having regular riding lessons and we started the long process of looking for a suitable first pony. Eventually we found the perfect one. Her name is ‘Mirella’.

Not long after, we happened across some beautiful photos from ‘Country Lane Portrait Photography’ and thought that would make a wonderful gift for the girls! A memory frozen in time!

They had so much fun dressing up and posing with Mirella and the other 3 horses. It was like being in a real live fairy tale- a dream come true for any young girl.

Christine has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. As well as having a lovely, warm personality, she’s very organised and really helpful with all the details that go into making a shoot like this work!” ~ Cherie & Luke

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